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Shop the Runway or visit House of Nala
75 Maude Street, The Leonardo, Sandton

Shop the Runway or visit House of Nala
75 Maude Street, The Leonardo, Sandton


House of Nala was created by African Fashion International to continue its objectives of propelling African luxury fashion designers onto the global stage. This curated selection of hand-woven accessories, beautiful textiles, earthy hues, and vibrant prints represent the rich flora and fauna of the African continent. The business of African fashion is sustainable and people-centred. House of Nala provides a vast selection of designs that are season-less and enduring of trends, encapsulating contemporary interpretations of African heritage and cultures that continue to inspire luxury lifestyles.

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Interest in African fashion is global and their access to markets should be too. Aggregating the sale of fashion week collections removes the logistical red tape imposed on designers, allowing designers to focus on constructing the garments that express Africa’s creative potential.
Aggregating the sale of African luxury removes the tariffs and import duties that make African luxury inaccessible. Through affordable shipping costs, a generous return policy and options to tailor garments in-store, customers can focus on discovering noteworthy African designs.
AFI believes in the promise of Africa. With our understanding of what designers’ need, a point of view that is uniquely coupled with Africa’s heritage and history, we aim to be pioneers of facilitating luxury African fashion in the global arena while altering the single story of Africa.
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